Don’t wait for the right outfit, the right makeup, the right friend, the right boyfriend or girlfriend, the right time. Nothing is ever right or left or now or then. Do whatever it is now. This could be the last day. Take yourself out on a date. Go see that movie and sit next to a stranger. Don’t wait to compliment that person. Speak up. Tell someone you love the way they smile. Or tell them you love the way they never smile. Go to that new restaurant. Leave a tip everywhere you go. One dollar goes a long way. Sit at the table with the boys that spend lunch talking about video games and computers and technology. They crave change too. Go to the dance even if you are all alone. Put yourself out there. Don’t stay in a comfort zone. Don’t let yourself be comfortable, ever. Life is uncomfortable. It’s awkward, raw, and messy. Compliment that girl with the flat ironed hair, the bouncy curls, or the messy braid. Styling hair is time consuming. Get your hands dirty. Buy that pretty outfit. You don’t need to be a certain weight or size or height to wear it. Wear it now. Walk with purpose. Don’t make yourself small. This is a free country. Use all the space you want. Sit up straight. Don’t slouch. Listen to an older person. They have stories to tell and advice to teach. Thank your teacher, they’re only human. And goddammit, don’t you dare ever regret anything. Don’t let time pass with the hope of it being better the next day. It won’t be. School sucks. You get over it and wake up every morning and eat breakfast and brush your teeth and pay attention in class. Do your homework rather than complain. Get help when you need it. Talk to upperclassmen. Talk to lowerclassmen. Don’t take out frustration on yourself, ever. It doesn’t help a damn thing. Go outside. Breathe the fresh air. Plant flowers and trees. Join a club. Nothing will ever be easier or better or simpler. Do everything and anything today, and now. Be impatient with life. There is no written rule telling you to be patient with life. Grab your damn chance now, because this is all you’ve got.
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Getting ready for Eid like…..
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Drop a band and get an answer:

  • Megadeth: Have you ever had a drastic falling out with a close friend?
  • Metallica: Would you say you've changed much in the last few years?
  • Tankard: When was the last time you were drunk?
  • Burzum: What was the last really stupid thing you did?
  • Black Sabbath: Do you think you have ever influenced anyone?
  • Ozzy: Do you think you work better single or in a relationship?
  • Deicide: Have you ever told a ridiculous lie to someone?
  • Cryptopsy: Have you ever been accused of changing by a close friend?
  • Darkthrone: Do you go out much, or do you prefer to stay in?
  • Motorhead: Do you think people will remember you when you die?
  • Mortician: Do you like Horror movies?
  • Impaled: Have you ever had surgery?
  • Strapping young lad: Has anyone ever called you crazy?
  • Thin Lizzy: Have you ever had a friend who died too young?
  • Manowar: Do you have an over the top personality?
  • Cruachan: Are you into mythology?
  • Judas Priest: Do you wear leather?
  • Nasty Savage: Do you ever feel like you deserve more credit?
  • Iced Earth: Have you ever felt replaced in your group of friends?
  • Soulfly: Do you have an old group of friends whom you miss?
  • Cavalera Conspiracy: Are you close with your family?
  • Sepultura: Do you like the Country you live in?
  • Type O Negative: Would you say you're sexually desirable?
  • Brain Drill: Do you consider yourself a complicated person?
  • Dragonforce: Have you ever felt that one day everyone just started hating you?
  • Dying Fetus: How do you feel about the music industry?
  • Blind Guardian: Do you read fantasy literature?
  • Death: Are you humble?
  • Tyr: Are you interested in your family's history?
  • Anvil: Have you ever felt like the entire world moved on without you?
  • Hank 3: When it comes to music, do you stay with one genre in general or do you like a little bit of everything?
  • Cannibal Corpse: Have you ever been accused of going too far?
  • Anal Cunt: Do you think rude jokes are funny?
  • Meat Shits: Have you ever told someone something thats was plainly offensive just for the sake of pissing them off?
  • Schelmish: When you and your friends drink what do you get up to?
  • Carpathian Forest: Do you have any fetishes?
  • Cattle Decapitation: Do you have any unpopular opinions?
  • Slayer: Has anything you've said been misinterperated?
  • Gorerotted: Do you like your name or have you ever wanted to change it?
  • Cathedral: Have you ever felt like you were moving too fast and needed to slow down?
  • Napalm Death: Are you opinionated?
  • Dream Theater: Do you consider yourself educated?
  • Trivium: Do kids like you?